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You're one step closer...to a brand new you.
You're one step closer...to a brand new you.
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Services, Directions

General Anesthesia, Sedation, or Sleep Dentistry at:

Western Medical Center, Santa Ana, CA.  (click here for map and directions)

Kaiser Hospitals of Southern California at Bellflower Surgery Center, Bellflower, CA.  (click here for map and directions)

St. Joseph's Hospital, Orange, CA.  (click here for map and directions

Deep Cleaning (also called scaling or root planning) - Special needs patients oral  health benefits with deep cleanings. Bad breath and  bleeding is reduced. Since toothbrushing and flossing is a challenge for patients or caregivers, special needs patient frequently deep cleaning multiple times per year.

Fillings - We provide restoration of tooth structure with metal, porcelain or cosmetic tooth colored resin materials. 

Dental X-Rays - Dental x-rays are essential diagnostic tools that provide valuable information to help us evaluate your oral health. We can look at what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums to identify any potential problems and create an individualized dental treatment plan.

Crowns - A crown is a cap that is designed to be placed over a tooth to restore its strength and improve its appearance. A crown may be needed for broken teeth, wear due to teeth grinding, tooth decay, cracked fillings and root canals.

Dental Bridges - If you have a missing tooth, a dental bridge can fill the gap in your smile. Bridges resemble natural teeth, and are designed to take the place of areas where teeth are missing.