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You're one step closer...to a brand new you.
You're one step closer...to a brand new you.

Special Needs Dentistry - Jerry Minsky, DDS

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LA Times Articles about Dr. Minsky's Special Needs Dental Care
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Dentist Filling a Need: One professional seeks such patients. 

Special Cases Require a Special Doctor; Dr. Jerry Minsky, DDS Treats Special Needs Patients.




Call Now...You're conversation will always be with Dr. Minsky!! The phone call with Dr. Minsky is free...Each patients needs are important. That's why Dr. Minsky is the only person you will speak with. When you call, Dr. Minsky can answer your questions about insurance, treatment, and cost. 

Dr. Minsky listens to his patients and knows how frustrating it can be making endless calls hoping to find a dentist who will treat someone with special needs.

Dr. Minsky was the Inagural Chairman on the Council of Hospital Dentistry of the
Special Care Dental Association for 2014. He teaches special needs dental care at Western University, College of Dental Medicine as an Assistant Professor. He has provided courses on special needs dentistry to the Indian Health Service of California and internationally for Mexico.

General Anesthesia (Sedation, Sleep Dentistry) in the safety of a hospital operating room. Our office has been serving the special needs patients of Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1986. We are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality dental care for special needs patients that need to be asleep (general anesthesia, also called sedation). All general anesthesia is provided in a hospital operating room to provide an alternative to sedation dentistry done in a dental office.

Hospital based general anesthesia care is licensed by the State of California. Medi-Cal and Medicare (Medi-Medi) also review the safety and legal compliance required of hospitals. Orange County Global Medical Center (also known as Western Medical Center)
, Santa Ana, St. Joseph Hospital, Orange,  and Kaiser Surgery Center, Bellflower.

Our collaborative approach with physicians and hospitals provides the safety and comfort needed for special needs patients.

No interest payment plans are available. Information, payment plan calculator, and easy only application and approval at
CareCredit.com and Prosper Health Care Lending.

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